Duro-Clean®--Concentrated Detergent Cleaner / Primer                              Image of bottle of Duro-Clean, A powerful yet safet cleaner for vinyl and leather


Duro-Clean® is a strong, powerful yet completely safe cleaner for both vinyl and leather surfaces. In fact, it is the strongest cleaner you will find that is also safe to use on vinyl and leather. It is formulated to thoroughly clean dirt, grease, oil, food substances and other chemicals. Unlike other available cleaners, this cleaning chemical permits a thorough interlocking bond between the cleaned material and Duro-Finish®

Vinyl manufacturers recommend against the use of household cleaners, abrasives, industrial cleaners, dry cleaning fluids, solvents, bleach or detergents. On tough mildew stains a combination of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water is recommended. But these are dangerous and can harm the vinyl and leather materials. Avoid the hassle and the risk, just use Duro-Clean®. It will handle very soiled vinyl and severe mildew. It works on lime deposits and has a surprising ability to remove the cloudiness of soft plastic Jeep windows, see-thru tent flaps and other Isinglass applications. After you polish your car and get the polish on the plastic and rubber trim, that white chalky residue that does not respond to normal cleaners will come off with Duro-Clean®. It has exceptional ability to remove dirt, grime, rust, mineral deposits, urine stains, mildew, spider droppings, scuff marks and many other difficult substances. We recommend using Duro-Clean with a strong bristle brush to remove impacted substances from the vinyl or leather pores. This product does what other cleaners cannot do!! Try it yourself!


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