Duro-Finish® -- Protectant                                      Image of bottle of Duro-Finish


An acrylic compound that bonds within the porous surfaces of materials. It restores vinyl, leather, rubber, and other porous materials, producing a natural matte finish or a rich, lustrous, shine depending on the amount of product applied and the porosity of the surface. Duro-Finish® allows materials to breathe while it protects them from harmful dirt, greases, oils, residues and most stain-causing substances. It prevent materials from drying out, cracking or fading, and extends material life. It is a water-based liquid which can cover an exceptionally large surface area compared to many other products. It is simply wiped on and allowed to dry. A second coat can be used to increase the UV filtration or reinforce a high-wear area.

Duro-Finish® produces a clear, non-greasy, non-slippery, non-sticky finish. It resists ultraviolet rays, and will hold its shine and luster far longer than any other product. It is so easy to clean the treated surface with Duro-Maintain that harsh cleaners will no longer be needed. It very significantly reduces the amount of effort required over time to keep a surface looking clean and impressive.

Vinyl is made of PVC and plasticizers and protected by a top-coat which can be compromised by UV light, excessive wear, and harsh cleaners. Once the top-coat loses its effectiveness, the plasticizers escape and the vinyl cracks and incurs rapid deterioration. Duro-Finish® reinforces the top-coat and protects it from wear and UV light. Harsh cleaners, however, will remove the Duro-Finish® as well as the top-coat. For surfaces that have little top-coat left, Duro-Finish® will make up for the absence of the original protective coating. There is no other product on the market that has the effectiveness of Duro-Finish®. Equally important is that Duro-Finish® is very long-lasting. For example, one coat of Duro-Finish® on a dashboard will protect it for the life of that dashboard since there is so little wear on such a surface. On seats, since there is a lot of rubbing, the Duro-Finish® coat will wear off in about 6 months to a year if a seat is used every day.

No product on the market even comes close to offering the features of Duro-Finish®.