GTA's technology has been almost twenty years in development. In the early 1980's GTA discovered that new materials and products could be made using its proprietary cryogenic processing technology. Early on it was clear that one material it had produced had important commercial value. The material was an easily dissolved ultra high molecular weight polymer powder. The polymer is pure enough to be in the Food Chemicals Codex as an ingredient in food products and so simple in structure that it can be used in gasoline without fear of causing engine deposits. Functionally, it has two commercially important properties, viscoelasticity and reptation.

Viscoelastic liquids increase in viscosity as they are elongated or stretched. This property has great commercial value in controlling liquid behavior in a dynamic state. For example, controlling droplet formation and vaporization of sprayed fuel. In an aircraft crash, this phenomenon can reduce the risk of a deadly mist fireball explosion. In the cylinder of an engine, a Viscoelastic fuel improves the efficiency of combustion.
Reptation is the snake like movement of polymer molecules by which they penetrate any opening larger than their own diameter. This property has important commercial value in lubricants and coatings. For example, a viscous liquid can be made to penetrate like a low viscosity fluid, and to tenaciously bond to a surface.

As time passes you will see on more and more products which combine superior performance with environmental sensitivity. 


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