Real People Testify About GTA Fuel Enhancer  
1.  "Of all the products I have tried, Berryman, STP etc., this does what it is supposed to do.  GREAT PRODUCT."(1980 TRIUMPH TR7)
      Douglas Kirkley, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

2.  "We have used two bottles in four full tanks with our 1990 Jeep Cherokee.  The first and most obvious impression made was the 
      immediate and dramatic change in the vehicle's acceleration performance.... The second glaring impression was made with the 
      immediate increase in miles per gallon (MPG) of gas consumed.... from 15.0 MPG in town to 17.0 MPG on the road to 
      16.5-17.0 MPG and 18.5-19.0 MPG respectively." SEE FULL REPORT
      Raymond J. Flannery, Manassas, Va.

3. "Yes I was skeptical about using a new product and dumping this "Fuel system additive" in the tank of Emma, my 
     '62 MGA, but within 20 miles my skepticism disappeared... What I have noticed most is my car's smoothness during 
     idle and its quicker response when leaving a red light, no more hesitation."
     Bruce A. Hill, Tuscaloosa, Ala. SEE FULL REPORT

4.  "My 1981 Buick with 91,000 miles on it was acting sluggish for a couple of months for some unknown reason.  It then 
     would not start at all.  So I had a mechanic change the plugs and wires and check the distributor.  He got it running but 
     he could not get it to run well enough for me to feel comfortable driving it... I reluctantly put a 2 oz. bottle in my tank...
     Almost immediately the car started to run smoothly... I continued to treat by Buick with your additive for the next four fill ups.
     I have not experienced any engine running problems since."
     Bernie Frey, Winchester, VA. SEE FULL REPORT

5.  "My car is a 1995 Neon Sport.... My normal, highway gas mileage for this car is approximately 32 MPG.... My gas mileage 
     with the additive was 40 MPG.  This is a 25% increase in gas mileage."
     John Canon, Washington, DC SEE FULL REPORT

6.  "Your additive has also decreased the number of times we go to the gas station and filled up from 3 to 2 times per week.  
     At $20 per tank, this will add up to a significant savings over time.  I have noticed that the car seems to have the 
     merging/passing power of a 6 cylinder, even though it only has 4 cylinders - it really has get up and go!  And I like that!.... 
     We have tried some of the other additives on the market:  STP, Slick 50, etc., and they do not hold a candle to your additive."
     Mary C. Stephens, Maryland  SEE FULL REPORT

7.  "We recently took a two week vacation through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado in our 1986 Ford 150 (5.8L V-8, 351 
     cubic inches) pulling a 24' vacation trailer weighing about 4500 pounds.  During the trip I alternated using two gas tanks.  
     I used the additive in one tank, Tank #1, and did not use additive in the other tank, Tank #2.  Tank #1, I got 9.47miles per 
     gallon.  In Tank #2, I got 7.99 miles per gallon....The additive appears to provide lower engine temperature during hard pulling 
     in mountainous areas."
     Robert Erickson, Phoenix, Arizona SEE FULL REPORT

8.  "Over the past 30 years I have used many gas additives and other products to help me keep my autos running better and on 
     the road longer.  The product your company has produced not only helps get me better mileage, but also cuts down on the 
     pollutants that were being emitted by my 1986 Toyota.  My Toyota had 186,000 miles on it and the difference was amazing.  
     I also have a 1989 Buick Skylark with over 120,000 miles.... The gas mileage has increased by almost 20%."
     John P. Peltier, Annandale, Va. SEE FULL REPORT

9.  "I tried the Fuel Enhancer in my 1994 Chevrolet Corsica.  In order to do a fair comparison I did not use this product on my way 
     down to Arkansas and my highway gas mileage was approximately 25 MPG.  On the return trip I used the Fuel Enhancer and 
     to my surprise my gas mileage increased to approximately 30 MPG.  In addition to this I noticed the car's performance was better."
     Hector New, Huntsville, Ala. SEE FULL REPORT

10.  "I was getting approximately 198 miles to a tank of gasoline in my 1985 Buick LeSaber with a V-8 engine which has 188,887 
      miles on it.  I tried the GTA Fuel Enhancer two months ago and I have been getting about 250-260 miles per tank.  The last 
      time I filled up I got approximately 275 miles per tank.  My car doesn't run rough or smoke badly as it did before using this product.
      My car performs like it was new!"
      Wayne Woodson, Manassas Pk, Va. SEE FULL REPORT

11.  "My wife drives our 1989 Chevrolet Lumina Mini Van (4 cylinder)....during week days and I drive it on weekends....  My most 
      distinct memory is how the mini van performed on left hand turns with groceries, my wife and I and our three kids in the van. 
      From a full stop, the van could accelerate through the turn much more quickly.  In all situations needing quicker acceleration - 
      going from an on ramp to the highway, through a four way stop, passing on the highway - there was a measurable difference 
      in the power of the engine.  The additive made me more comfortable knowing the power was available if needed."
      Dan Perrin, Poolesville, Md. SEE FULL REPORT

12.  "I taught theory, testing and designs of engines... at the University of Illinois....I have personally used the additive in 1) my 
      1981 Porche 911SC... 2) my 1985 Mercedes Benz SEL sedan and 3) my 10 HP, 4 cycle Briggs & Stratton tractor engine....The 
      additive caused the tractor to stop smoking, run smoothly...and cut fuel consumption by 50%.  In the Mercedes...easier starting, 
      smoother acceleration and increase from 8.0 to 15.0 MPG.  In my Porche on local driving...I increased from 17 to 20 MPG... once 
      with a trip from DC to Richmond I got 26 MPG going 80 MPH... The torque increase available was fantastic."
      Dr. R.B. Dillaway, McLean, Va. SEE FULL REPORT

13.  "GTA's Fuel Enhancer increased the acceleration performance of my Honda two door EX Accord.  I thought about it and it makes 
      sense.  The cylinder gas/air mixture loading during accelerate intake is improved because of the better distribution of injected gasoline
      and air.  The fuel/air mixture better meets the engine's acceleration demands."
      Ernest T. Scambos, Arlington, Va. SEE FULL REPORT

14.  "I put it into my old Volvo Dl/8 1985.  The car has never run so good...Great power improvement and best of all runs better, no 
      stalling in cold weather, and quick start ups!"
      Richard Henry, Carmichael, Ca.

15.  "Initially I was a skeptic about it.  Now I am impressed with what it has done for my 16,000 pound tool truck.  I drive a 1989 
      Chevy 454 with 88,000 miles on it... I filled my tank four times adding the GTA Fuel Enhancer....  This has increased my gas 
      mileage up to 4.48 MPG....  My previous best gas mileage was in the range of 3 MPG.  Other benefits I observed: easier starts - 
      more power - runs smoother."
     Jeff Heinbaugh, Nokesville, Va. SEE FULL REPORT

16.  "Our family van (1990 Dodge Caravan) has an unknown mechanical condition whereby it emits significant black and grey exhaust.... 
      2 oz. of GTA's fuel additive was deposited in the tank and 15 gallons of "regular unleaded" fuel were added.  The smoke condition cleared
      up immediately."
      Josh Ambush, Baltimore, Md. SEE FULL REPORT

17.  "I drive a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora.... I am accustomed to driving with the engine data center indicator set on Average Miles Per Gallon.... 
      I have typically seen an indication of 16 to 17 miles per gallon.... It seemed to me that the manufacturer's recommendation for use of
      supreme unleaded fuel was not necessarily applicable while using the additive.  Therefore with the most recent refill, I have converted 
      to the standard unleaded fuel with a bottle of the additive fully expecting some decrease in average MPG.  Instead to my surprise the data
      center indicator is consistently hovering around 20 and the engine performance is fully as responsive as it ever has been."
      Richard Horner, San Antonio, Texas SEE FULL REPORT

18.  "One area that I can vouch for the product's effectiveness in my boat is in the area of emissions control which is evidenced by the 
      elimination of blue smoke that used to come from the engines during start up.  The smoke does not appear when using the additive."
      Brian Harper, Vancouver, British Columbia SEE FULL REPORT

19.  "Echo PB400e backpack blower was used in real working conditions.  Without the additive in the fuel, idle control was difficult and 
      there was a great amount of smoke until the engine was warmed sufficiently.  With the additive in the fuel.... idle control was much
      easier and visible smoke output was reduced to almost zero....  There was also an increase in fuel economy of 25%."
      Corey McCoy, New Carrollton, Md. SEE FULL REPORT

20.  "I used GTA's Fuel Enhancer in my 40 HP Johnson outboard.  Starting was easier, blue smoke was gone and my fuel use was cut 
      almost in half."
      Hans Meintzschel, South Shore, Ky
21. "I have a 23-ft. motorhome with a 440 Dodge engine in it.  Since my gas tank is a 50-gallon one, I put in 4 bottles (2 oz. each) 
       in the tank prior to filling it to the top. Normally, I average approximately 7 mpg.  I have gotten as much as 7.5 mpg on occasion.  
       This time we drove 297 miles, and used exactly 36.88 gallons of 87- octane gasoline.  This works out to 8.0531453 miles per gallon |
        - a record for me in my RV, which I've had for some 8 years (1980 model Field & Stream)."
       Bob Wombacher, Jr.