GTA FE - The Perfect Antiknock Additive for Gasoline

This page is to introduce to you a new fuel technology, GTA Fuel Enhancer (GTA FE, also known as Viscon), for your consideration in determining the most appropriate means to produce a gasoline product that is antiknock, environmentally safe, and both inexpensive and easy to produce. It far surpasses the benefits derived from tetraethyllead (TEL), MTBE, MMT, ethanol and other antiknock compounds, while having none of the negative environmental effects of those compounds.

You will find considerable scientific documentation on this web site. More testing is underway and you can get updates on that by calling Advanced Product Distributors at 800 421-1048 or if calling from outside North America 301 279-2727.

The public first learned of this new technology in a paper that was presented to the American Chemical Society by Professor Emeritus (American University) Dr. Paul Waters, entitled "New Concepts in Octane Boosting of Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines" in August, 2000. In it, Dr. Waters explains that GTA FE/Viscon utilizes an ultra high molecular weight polymer (a polyalphaolefin) to convey a visco-elasticity to the fuel which changes its behavior as it is sprayed from an injector or pulled from a carburetor. A smaller, more uniform droplet size is created, deposition on walls in the intake and combustion areas is inhibited and early vaporization of the more volatile components of the fuel is reduced. The results are twofold: First, the volumetric efficiency of the engine is improved due to the reduction in vaporized fuel, and second, the maximum heat release rate after ignition is delayed and reduced.

Performance improvements are significant. Increased volumetric efficiency increases horsepower and engine response during transients such as acceleration and high load. Modification of the heat release rate from combustion of the fuel gives octane value, reduces fuel consumption and reduces exhaust emissions.

Unlike the aforementioned antiknock compounds that are used mainly for controlling knock, GTA FE/Viscon goes further by greatly decreasing CO, HC and NOx emissions, while significantly increasing performance and improving fuel economy. In the testing that Dr. Waters describes in his paper, the full effect of the polymer was achieved with a dilution ratio of only 10 ppm. Further testing has shown that in diesel engines, the active range of the polymer is between 5 and 10 ppm.

Many of the less-industrialized nations have a large population of 2-cycle engines in crowded, polluted environments. These engines contribute an unequal share of the harmful exhaust emissions in the environment. GTA FE/Viscon greatly reduces fuel consumption and emissions in 2-cycle engines.

This patented product is produced by GTA Technologies (GTAT) of Gainesville, Virginia, USA. With its promise of providing a clean, safe fuel that eliminates the need for specialized antiknock additives (the U.S. EPA does not classify GTA FE as an additive as it is a pure hydrocarbon) it is already in an advanced stage of testing in a number of countries with excellent results at every stage.

Testing using the CFR engine has shown an increase in octane of approximately 3 points. However, it was found that in comparing RON and MON, most of the gain is MON.  GTAT also recommends that the Octane Number Requirement Test used by auto manufacturers to determine the octane requirement of their vehicles be used to compare performance of gasoline with and without the GTA FE/Viscon. The strategy used in this protocol is to create the conditions which induce knock and compare performance of rated fuels under those conditions.

The known antiknock chemical compounds cited above add a chemical component that reacts with preflame oxidation species. In contrast, GTA FE/Viscon affects the physical character of the fuel by changing the dynamic distillation of the fuel and inhibiting the separate vaporization of the higher distillates. This technology is so new that antiknock testing needs to take into consideration the unique properties of the polymer-based fuel.

We urge you to review the Waters paper and consider a testing program to take advantage of the benefits offered by GTA FE/Viscon. In those environments where leaded gasoline or MTBE-treated gasoline is being used, the negative environmental effects are already known. MMT may be environmentally benign, but there is still question about a possible increase in HC emissions and the presence of manganese….besides its high cost. Ethanol is generally priced out of this market and offers minimal benefit with low energy content. Only GTA FE/Viscon will get the antiknock job done with a surplus of additional benefits and no liability. For more information about testing GTA FE/Viscon, CLICK HERE.

At the refinery, GTA FE/Viscon is introduced into the gasoline (at less than 0.1%) as it is loaded into tank cars. It therefore requires minimal capitalization and change in production procedure.

We look forward to working with you to introduce GTA FE/Viscon into your fuel supply.


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