GTAT’s proprietary  technology is a unique approach to improving combustion efficiency of a spark ignition engine. It is generally understood that the condition of the air/fuel mixture at ignition and during burn determines combustion behavior. GTAT believes that the physical properties of gasoline present the single greatest barrier to creating an optimum air/fuel mixture. Its technology addresses this issue by using a scientific phenomenon called extensional viscosity to modify gasoline’s physical properties in a way that makes the air/fuel mixture more uniform and repeatable from cycle to cycle.

Gasoline has physical properties which have a significant adverse effect on mixture preparation. First, gasoline is made up of many different components which vaporize at different temperatures. This property results in fractional distillation of gasoline which in turn causes spatial separation of fuel species in the air/fuel charge. Since different fuel components burn differently their spatial separation influences ignition and flame propagation. Second, gasoline is a Newtonian fluid which has properties which inhibit uniform spray formation, regardless of nozzle design. Similarly the Newtonian nature of gasoline establishes its wall wetting behavior when gasoline contacts a metal surface in the induction area of an engine. Poor uniformity of droplet size and distribution across the spray cross section and wall film formation in the induction channel cause poor air/fuel mixture preparation.

GTA Fuel Enhancer uses a high molecular weight polymer to modify vaporization, spray formation and wall wetting behavior of gasoline. Extentional viscosity inhibits vaporization of the low boiling components from spray droplets in the induction cycle until heat developed in the cylinder causes surface vaporization of all components uniformly. The result is a more uniform mixture of all fuel components in the air/fuel charge at ignition and during burn. Extensional viscosity also causes finer, more evenly distributed spray droplet formation. Droplets of gasoline containing GTA Fuel Enhancer are more resilient than droplets of a Newtonian fluid and have a tendency to bounce or reflect off a surface rather than splashing and coating. This change in gasoline’s physical properties results in more gasoline being entrained in the air/fuel charge entering the cylinder in cold starts and in transient conditions.


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