GTA Fuel Enhancer - Company Background

General Technologies Applications, Inc. (GTA) is a twenty year old applied research and development corporation located in Gainesville, Virginia. GTA created a low cost, environmentally clean process for making composite materials. An early product of this process is a physical modification of a very pure, high performance polymer which has been of no commercial use without the GTA process. Once modified by GTA, this material has a wide range of high value applications. Many of these applications, due to the nature of the polymer, are not only superior in performance but are non-toxic where competitive products are toxic or environmentally damaging.

GTA has concentrated its efforts in the non-military area upon application of its proprietary high molecular weight polymer material. The property which the material exhibits better than any other polymer, is viscoelasticity, a physical phenomenon which is becoming well known by consumers and industry. For example, a viscoelastic polymer is used as an insert in the heads of golf clubs to absorb shock. There were more than 300 patent entries in 1994 mentioning or claiming uses of viscoelasticity. Because of its early work in this field and its many patents, GTA has an important lead in this rapidly growing field.

GTA has developed a number of unique products from its powdered polymer including, (1) an additive for gasoline to improve mileage and performance, (2) a pipeline drag reduction additive (GTA DRA), (3) a series of environmental products for dealing with oil pollution, (4) a non-toxic home lubricant, and (5) an additive to motor oil that dramatically improves the film strength of the oil.

GTA plans to continue to develop products where its viscoelastic technology can provide consumers and industry with healthier, safer and environmentally superior products. One area of special interest is lubricants where the GTA material appears to have very special benefits. Another is in coatings for wood and metal.


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