GTA Fuel Enhancer - Frequently Asked Questions  

General Questions

What is GTA Fuel Enhancer?
It is new technology that improves the combustion of fuel. It will make your engine run more smoothly and reduce its operating temperature, improve fuel economy and reduce pollutant emissions.

Is It EPA approved?
GTA Fuel Enhancer is a pure hydrocarbon, and as such is exempt from EPA regulations. In accordance with the EPA registration requirements for fuels and fuel additives, "'additive' means any substance other than one composed solely of carbon and/or hydrogen."

Why does GTA Fuel Enhancer improve throttle response?
As the throttle is advanced more fuel is delivered to the induction system of an engine. However, there is a lag in getting the additional fuel into the cylinder due to the physical properties of the fuel. This causes a lean condition and poor throttle response. GTA Fuel Enhancer changes the physical properties of gasoline so that more fuel is entrained in the air/fuel mixture entering the cylinder.

How do I mix GTA Fuel Enhancer in gasoline?
At the pump, pour a bottle of GTA Fuel Enhancer into your tank before filling up. The mixing action of fuel pouring into your tank will adequately blend GTA Fuel Enhancer with your fuel. If you are driving a fuel injected car, the re-circulation pump will continue to mix the additive with your fuel. Once, mixed, GTA Fuel Enhancer will stay suspended in your fuel indefinitely. Not even freezing the fuel, which requires extremely low temperatures, will cause the active ingredients of GTA Fuel Enhancer to settle out. For more details see: Testing Techniques and Protocols.

How do I mix GTA Fuel Enhancer in diesel fuel?
Never add GTA Fuel Enhancer to a near-empty diesel tank. GTA Fuel Enhancer can pickup sludge from the bottom of a tank that can clog a fuel filter. The solvent with which GTA Fuel Enhancer is dissolved is slightly lighter than diesel fuel. It will therefore float on the top for a short time before mixing with the fuel. So adding GTA Fuel Enhancer to a full tank will eliminate any possibility of lifting sludge for the bottom.

Why does my automobile start more easily when I use GTA Fuel Enhancer?
Cold starts are complicated by the reduced vaporization of gasoline in a cold engine. The result is insufficient fuel in the cylinder to support proper combustion. During cold starts, a considerable percentage of fuel wets intake and cylinder walls. By reducing wall wetting through the viscoelastic properties it imparts on fuel, GTA Fuel Enhancer improves the mixing of fuel with air which in turn improves engine starting. 

Is GTA Fuel Enhancer toxic?
No. The active ingredient of GTA Fuel Enhancer is not toxic - it is a food-grade polymer. The ingredients that suspend the active ingredient are low VOC hydrocarbons.

Will GTA Fuel Enhancer damage paint?
GTA Fuel Enhancer does not contain any caustic chemicals, and therefore will not damage paint.

Why does GTA Fuel Enhancer decrease visible smoke in the exhaust of my engine?
Smoke is generally a sign of incomplete combustion of the fuel (unburned hydrocarbons). GTA Fuel Enhancer caused fuel to burn more completely in two and four cycle gasoline and diesel engines reducing the amount of unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust.

Why does GTA Fuel Enhancer decrease engine vibrations?
Cycle-to-cycle combustion variability causes most engine vibrations. By improving the air/fuel mixing, variations in the quantity of fuel and efficiency of in-cylinder burns decrease. GTA Fuel Enhancer improves the uniformity of the air/fuel mixture thus causing less erratic combustion the causes most engine vibrations.

What are the long-term effects of using GTA Fuel Enhancer in my engine?
GTA Fuel Enhancer does not cause either short term or long term harm to gasoline or diesel engines. GTA Fuel Enhancer is a pure hydrocarbon. The active ingredient, a long-chain hydrocarbon, burns into a gas and leaves no residue. The polymer in GTA Fuel Enhancer has been used in gasoline and diesel fuel in a shorter molecular form for more than fifty years.

Why does GTA Fuel Enhancer improve torque?
GTA Fuel Enhancer improves both the volumetric efficiency of an engine, and the uniformity of fuel species distribution in the cylinder at ignition and during burn. It is well known that increased volumetric efficiency increases torque. Less well known is that a more uniform distribution of the light and heavy ends of gasoline in the mixture at ignition and during burn increases the speed of flame propagation. The result is better conversion of the fuels energy to mechanical energy and increased torque.

How was GTA Fuel Enhancer developed?
Initial discovery of how GTA Fuel Enhancer modifies combustion was in a program to develop an anti-misting safety fuel for aircraft (see the China Lake test).

What is the technology behind GTA Fuel Enhancer?
GTA Fuel Enhancer is a spin off of work to make an aircraft fuel that would not explode when a fuel tank is hit by a projectile or when an airplane fuel tank is ruptured in a crash. It was discovered at that time that addition of a high molecular weight polymer to jet fuel eliminated the black cloud of smoke associated with ignition of misted jet fuel in a crash. Follow on work demonstrated that the polymer changed the physical properties of a sprayed fuel, improving the uniformity of droplet size and distribution, and modifying its vaporization behavior.

Four-Cycle Gasoline (Automobiles)

What happens if I put too much GTA Fuel Enhancer in my gasoline?
Putting more than twice the recommended amount of GTA Fuel Enhancer in your fuel may negate the effects of Viscon. This dosage will not harm your engine, but you may not see any benefits. Too much GTA Fuel Enhancer in fuel negates the effect of extensional viscosity in fuel.

Will GTA Fuel Enhancer damage my catalytic converter?
No. Most catalytic converters suffer damage when they are overheated or are subjected to chemicals that bind with and neutralize their catalysts. Since GTA Fuel Enhancer is a 100% hydrocarbon, and therefore, does not introduce any harmful chemicals to a catalytic converter.

Does GTA Fuel Enhancer work as well in an engine with a carburetor as one with a fuel injector?
Yes. GTA Fuel Enhancer will work just as well in both.

Will GTA Fuel Enhancer effect the oxygen sensor in my car?
In some cars, the oxygen sensor, which feeds back to the engine control module, will cause the engine to idle higher. After about a tank of fuel, the injection system will recalibrate itself and idle as it was without GTA Fuel Enhancer.

Does GTA Fuel Enhancer improve mileage in all cars?
Ninety-five percent of the automobiles that use GTA Fuel Enhancer improve their gas mileage. Some cars, however, may experience a temporary reduction in mileage. This is caused by the oxygen sensor detecting a higher percentage of oxygen in the exhaust. The engine control module (ECM) will calculate that the engine is running lean and will enrich the mixture thus increasing the amount of fuel burned. In most cars, the ECM adjusts to the treated fuel within 30 miles. The time of delay in learning is directly related to the specific ECM. Recent results indicate that the Cadillac North Star system responds very quickly to the presence of GTA Fuel Enhancer.

How does GTA Fuel Enhancer effect engine timing?
GTA Fuel Enhancer will widen the tuning tolerance of any engine. GTA Fuel Enhancer has been demonstrated to allow increased spark advance before knock. (see test from the University of Michigan). Therefore, a small advance in spark can be used to improve mechanical efficiency of your engine.

Will GTA Fuel Enhancer improve the octane rating of gasoline?
The octane number of a fuel denotes its ability to resist pre-ignition combustion. Combustion gas temperature has a direct relationship on an engine's octane requirement. GTA Fuel Enhancer reduces combustion gas temperature and reduces the engine's octane requirement.

Diesel Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke

What makes GTA Fuel Enhancer unique?
GTAT uses an additive to fuel to improve air/fuel mixture preparation which is normally addressed by engineers modifying engine hardware. GTAT’s  technology modifies the fuel’s physical properties, rather than fuel chemistry. The inventors of GTA Fuel Enhancer discovered that diesel fuel’s physical behavior stands in the way of optimizing air/fuel mixture in diesel engines and devised a way to modify the behavior. 

Is GTA Fuel Enhancer safe for use in diesel engines?
GTA Fuel Enhancer is a formulation of pure hydrocarbons which is completely compatible with diesel fuel systems and diesel engines. A different form of the active ingredient in GTA Fuel Enhancer has been used in diesel fuel for more than fifty years.

Why does GTA Fuel Enhancer work in diesel as well as gasoline?
The efficiency of combustion in both diesel and gasoline engines is controlled by the properties of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder at the time of ignition and during burn. In both engines the physical behavior of the fuel following injection effects the uniformity of the air/fuel mixture. By modifying a fuel’s physical properties GTA Fuel Enhancer makes diesel and gasoline air/fuel mixtures more uniform, improving combustion efficiency in both.

Will GTA Fuel Enhancer reduce engine noise?

Will GTA Fuel Enhancer work on a direct injection and an indirect injection engine?

How does GTA Fuel Enhancer effect spray patterns?
GTA Fuel Enhancer reduces the Sauter mean volume diameter of sprayed fuel. It also makes droplet size distribution across an injector spray cone more uniform. Finally, GTA Fuel Enhancer causes the mass of fuel to be more evenly distributed across the spray cone.

Two-Stroke Gasoline

How should I mix GTA Fuel Enhancer with 2-stroke oil and fuel?
GTA Fuel Enhancer can be mixed with a 2-stroke gas/oil mixture, or can be added to 2-stroke oil. The dosage is the same as for 4-cycle engines.


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